Someone Put a Zoom Lens on a Game Boy Camera

It’s been 20 years since the strange little Game Boy Camera came on the scene, giving us terrible, low-res, black and white images. Still, kids liked it. It was a $50 digital camera, and it was fun. People still play with it – like designer Bastiaan Ekeler, who recently hacked together a Canon EF lens mount adapter for the camera.

He designed and 3D printed the 1.4x adapter/extender, but it required a bit of trimming and filing to get it to properly attach to the disassembled GBC, but eventually, he accomplished this feat and has made the Game Boy Camera much more capable. Now, you probably wouldn’t want to try and tote this with you to snap vacation photos. It’s way too awkward, even if you love the results.

128 x 112-pixel monochrome images have never looked better. Kids 20 years ago could only dream of doing this with their Game Boy Camera. I’m tempted to try my hand at this so I can take some cool Game Boy photos too.

[via Reddit via Gizmodo]

Source: technabob