Porcelain Stormtrooper Lamp: The Empire Lights Back

Stormtroopers seem to break pretty easily, so it only makes sense that you’d make one out of porcelain, right? That’s exactly what artist Erifyli Tsavdari of Keramiki has done here with this cool desktop sculpture, inspired by the iconic white Stormtrooper’s helmet.

The porcelain Stormtrooper helmet measures about 8.5″ tall and features a textured floral pattern that’s common in porcelain work. Inside, there’s a socket for a light bulb, which casts a warm glow through the translucent clay helmet. I imagine that the rest of the porcelain Stormtrooper was shattered by Rebel blaster fire, and that’s why all we have left is this helmet.

Each lamp is handmade, so it’s likely to have some imperfections, which only seems appropriate for a Stormtrooper. Keramiki also has some sweet ceramic Darth Vader mugs if coffee is more your cup of tea.

Source: technabob

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